Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Introduction of Mehran Computer Center ® Usta Muhammad

Usta Mohammad Balochistan

Mehran Institute of Technology is located in the backward area of Balochistan. We have been working here for 8 long Years on our own resources. for the latest education of Computer. Hundreds number of Students have got training from the institute .We are trying our best to improve.
In this area it is a very important technology and we are very ambitious and having an efficient hard working Team which improver and innovate institute may People employed in different companies , offices institute and in many other Places were they are required,
We have different Courses to facilitate the students according to the Latest Technology we will try to try the standards of Institute according to the new are
We also intend to introduce new Programmes English Language Center and Technical training Programmes to equip the People of The area with new Techniques Mehran Institute of Information Technology is providing up to date knowledge in the field of IT. We are backed by a team of highly qualified professional and programmers with modern facilities and have contacts with national and international expertise sharing same objectives and information to set values and ethical practices with devotion, honesty, consistency & integrity.
To carry out advanced research and technology development in information technologies and their societal, scientific, industrial and financial applications. It defines our existence, inspires all stakeholders associated with us, creates a powerful momentum inside, and responds to the challenges outside. It continues to evolve as present captures new realities and foresight unfolds new possibilities to help individuals discover their God-given potentials to achieve Ultimate Success actualizing the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, excellence.
Mission and Charter of the institute
To train and educate, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, engineers of outstanding ability who can become leaders in the IT industry and profession.
To carry out advanced research and development in information and software technologies. and their societal, scientific, and financial applications.
To work closely with the industry leaders through their Corporate Schools and to help them in undertaking training programmes needed in the industrial and financial sectors.
Mehran Computer Center Usta Muhammad encourages a culture of disciplined among its faculty, a commitment to keeping
themselves professionally updated, help students in making connections between theoretical and practical relevance and are encouraged for being actively involved in Academic and Professional activities. Mehran Computer Center Usta Muhammad faculty provides the type of support that can only come from a close-knit community and are mentors who will encourage students to consider new ways of thinking, to take risks and grow We aspire to become a learning institution and evolve as the leading community for the purpose of integrated development of the society we will try our best to provide provides a caring and conducive environment so as to inculcate in its students a positive attitude,

progressive approach and leadership qualities.
Our mission is to provide competency based knowledge and quality education
To develop and provide professional trained manpower-having tendency to work in any National or International environment with expert skill and knowledge. To fill up the gap between demand and supply of professionals especially in the field of . To give a proper feedback to the local market in the form of innovative programs. We are confident that by embracing the opportunities offered at Mehran Institute of Management & IT, you will obtain a successful and satisfying profession career.

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